Why Do People Collect Things?

Published: 04th October 2005
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Why Do People Collect Things?
By Patricia Twitchell

Have you ever wondered what motivates someone to begin a collection
of any type? Being the owner/operator of Just Bears and Stuff gift
shop, I have pondered that question on more than one occasion. My
customer base is full of loyal folks who are more committed to the
art of collecting teddy bears.

I have customers from all walks of life - from stay at home moms to
busy professionals. Each has their own reasons as to why they began
their collection. Following are some of the primary reasons people
have told me they buy, collect and cherish their teddy bears.

1. It satisfies the soul.

2. They have a friend or family member who encouraged them.

3. They like the feeling teddy bears give them.

4. Teddy bears are great conversation pieces.

5. Most everyone loves a cuddly bear.

6. Investment purposes.

7. Teddy bears make great listeners.

8. It's Fun!

Whatever the reason, teddy bear collectors are here to stay. Chances
are either you, or someone you know, has a passion for the cute
little creatures that bring so much joy to the lives of many.

The next time you wonder why people collect things, ask yourself if
there has ever been anything you had an affection for and just had to
have one more!

About the Author
Patricia Twitchell is the proprietor of Just Bears and Stuff, a
unique gift shop located in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Nestled in the
scenic mountains, it is a favorite place to visit for people from all
over the country. Receive "Beary Special Moments" a free online teddy
bear facts and tips e-zine by visiting www.justbearsandstuff.com

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